Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Grand Prize W.I.N.NER: Elizabeth Dulemba!

Well I'll be! The grand prize winner goes to an illustrator this year. Way to go Elizabeth! She is an extremely talented and deserving recipient of this prestigious award. All her hard work is paying off. Congratulations to all the winners in this category, very nice work. I'm happy to see that most of the winners are names of I know. I'm not familiar with Michael A. Tyson's work, but what a cool piece that cinched him a first place tie.

1st Place (tie) - Elizabeth Dulemba
1st Place (tie) - Michael A. Tyson
2nd Place - Paige Kaiser
3rd Place - Ginger Nielson

You can see all the winners in all the categories at


Karin Cameron said...

sorry to hear Gail. Keep working - your work is the best!!

gail said...

Thanks Karin. I am so happy for Elisabeth though. She really is a prolific illustrator. I hope to have that much work out there some day. Also check out her blog and website. She shares a ton of great info.