Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wishing I was in LA

It just wasn't in the cards for me this year. I didn't get to go the the SCBWI LA summer conference. I got to go last year, so I know what I'm missing. And I'm wishing I was there. Not that I'm not enjoying my family vacation in the mid west, we're having a great time, I just don't like to miss out on anything. I'm especially wishing I could be there to say "Yeah, that's my work on the SCBWI home page!" And missing the chance to meet all the people I've met this year throughout blogland.

I know all of you who went are having a great time. Maybe I'll see you next year. Or maybe I'll make it to New York this winter.


Colorado Writer said...

Hope you can come next year...and yes, I did overhear something about the fab art on the website!

gail said...

Ooo! You overheard talk of my art! In LA! Woohoo!

The only thing that would stop me from going next year would be if I go to the Winter Conference in NY!

...I've never been to NY!