Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Snowflakes Abound!

Tomorrow's the big day. I'll be featuring Jennifer Thermes and her snowflake. Be sure to check back in. There will be a drawing involved. You could win a signed copy of one of her books!

In the meantime take a look at who's been featured in the last two days...

Wednesday, October 17

Rick Chrustowski
at laurasalas
Diane DeGroat
at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup
Ilene Richard
at Something Different Every Day
Brie Spangler
at Lectitans
Don Tate
at The Silver Lining

Tuesday, October 16
Selina Alko at Brooklyn Arden
Scott Bakal at Wild Rose Reader
Alexandra Boiger at Paradise Found
Paige Keiser at Your Neighborhood Librarian
Janet Stevens at The Miss Rumphius Effect

For a comprehensive list of snowflake and illustrator features, written by over 65 bloggers and coordinated by 7-Imp, in the 2007 Blogging for a Cure, click here.

PLEASE NOTE! Not every illustrator involved in this project will be featured on our blogs. Some are still working on their snowflakes! That means to see all of them, you'll have to go to the Robert's Snow Site.


Kris Bordessa said...

Gail, I tried to email you after you commented on my blog, but it's bouncing. I just wanted to let you know. And I have to say that in checking, I went to your site and realized that YOU are the artist behind the wonderful fishbowl illustration that was up on the SCBWI site for awhile! I love that!

gail said...

I don't know why it would be bouncing, maybe I typed in the address wrong? Try again at- gail at gailmakiwilson dot com.

You know I had trouble leaving a message on your blog. WordPress said I was flagged as a spammer. Don't know why. I tried again today. It happened again on the first try, but I think it went through on the second.

Anyway... I'm so glad you went to my site. Thanks for the kind words on my fishbowl piece!