Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Studio Links - Featuring...

The Studio of Holli Conger!

Wait until you step through this door! 

You are about to enter a space all about style.



I'm not talking about "this space could be featured in a decorating magazine" kind of style. (Although it could!) I'm talking about personal, functional, "this is my art" and "this is where I make it" kind of style. This space is all about personality!

Welcome to the studio of Holli Conger. A girl who creates. And create she does! Her eclectic, whimsical style can be found in magazines, on greeting cards, CD covers, and packaging. Holli not only illustrates children's books- 11 of them so far this year, she is also a successful licensing artist, does killer typography, and has become a huge inspiration to others by documenting her creative journey on Becoming An Illustrator.

Holli has a style that shines though no matter what is is working on. This goes for he studio too. Check out the process of how her studio was built here. And be sure to follow Holli's Blog and visit her Website.

Check back on the first Friday of each month for a new Studio Tour. 

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Holli Conger said...

Thanks so much for the feature Gail!

teresa said...

WOW--Holli's studio is as gorgeous as her work! What a great feature!

gail said...

You're welcome Holli! Thank you Teresa, you're right!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff Holli and very nice feature Gail! I shared to my wall. Reading about Holli's illustration journey is on my reward list for tomorrow (I bribe myself to finish gold posts (mine aren't goals, they're shiny!) when it gets tough) so thank you all! WONDERFUL!

Agy Wilson

gail said...

Holli is a great inspiration and one heck of a business women! Thanks for sharing Agy.