Monday, December 18, 2006

First Snow, Step-by-step Part I

Here’s a detailed step by step, work in progress for a piece I’m just finishing. I‘ll be showing this in two stages, first the development of the “under painting”, then the application of color.

Initial value study. I start with a tight sketch in graphite. I did a lot of research, checked reference material, and did preliminary sketches and composition before getting to this point.

Revised value study. I make adjustments or changes and work up the values for most areas. At this point I know some values will be darker, but leave them as is for now. I will want to do some areas in color only.

Final print-out. I have decided that the snowflakes will need a blue under painting instead of gray to have a more crystal appearance later. I was worried I would be fighting the gray, so I went into Photoshop and made changes. Then I printed out the final under painting, on my final art paper. (In this case Stonehenge.) This is what I will be adding color to .

Double page spread. And here’s a sketch of the layout of both pages. The text will be centered on the left hand side. For this WIP, I’ll just be showing you the progress of the right hand side.

I'll post the color steps and final artwork in the next day or two.



Angela said...

I got here from the SCBWI site.
This piece is WONDERFUL!

Ghost Girl said...

Fabulous, Gail!

What fun to watch the faces come to life and share such joy and surprise and fascination! What are your Christmas goals?

gail maki wilson said...

Glad you found your way Angela! Thanks for looking.

So ghost girl, are you psychic? Chrismas goals? Why, to finish this piece and use it on my Christmas cards! OK, they might arrive late. I did just finish the color final. So now I either post Part II or start printing cards.


gail maki wilson said...

Hey, wait a minute! Angela, is that you? Is this the Angela I actually know in person?


rainchains said...

Found my way here from Verla's which is sadly missing your pictures. Can't wait to see part 2.
If these are your Christmas cards, I really need to get on your Christmas card list. =)


gail maki wilson said...

Hi rainchains!

Glad you followed me over! Yeah, Verla's site has soooo much to offer, it's too bad they had to stop allowing images.

Today I'll be printing those cards up and posting Part II!


Angela said...

Yes! 'Tis me sweetie! The one who loves your work and your goldfish bowl with blinking eye. The same one you see at local schtuff every now and then.

Ghost Girl said...

"So ghost girl, are you psychic?"

As a matter of fact...Actually, the mc in my current YA is a 14-year-old psychic (clairvoyant, to be exact). And I second rainchains' to be on your christmas card list! Merry, Merry!

gail maki wilson said...

Angela, I thought that might be you! How nice to have you stop by.

ghostgirl, my cards are all printed, so now I'll move on to getting part II posted. I guess it will kind of be a reveal of the final. Almost like getting a Christmas card!



Jen said...

Okay, I'm late.

Gail, if you're of a mind, I'd like to hear about the steps prior to the Initial Value Study, too.

I'd also like to hear about what changes you made between the Initial Value Study and the Revised Value Study. I can see some differences, but spell them out for me and explain why you made them, as you did for the snowflakes in the next segment.

This is great! I wish I were on your Chirstmas card list!


Ginger*:)* said...

Gail, the entire process is just amazingly beaurtiful. All your hard work pays off in a marvelous array of chldren's faces, beautiful snowflakes and absolutely awesome BRICKS!

gail maki wilson said...
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gail maki wilson said...

Thanks Ginger!

I've gotten into this thing of challenging myself lately. I knew doing that many face would be a challenge. But after doing the same character a number of times, I needed to prove to myself that I could do it. Oh, and the bricks were so cool to work on! First, because this method goes so fast after everything else taking so long. And second, the texture and lighting happened so easily. It just seemed magical.


Steps prior to the first value study, were gathering reference material, doing some sketches and composing the piece in Photoshop.

As far as the changes go, one of the things I "changed" was adding the classroom scene. I knew I wanted to do something there but wasn't sure how detailed to go. I didn't want too much detail in the classroom because there was already a lot happening in this piece. I also considered just reflections of the outdoors on the glass. I did do that somewhat with the clouds.

The other change was adding more sizes of snowflakes. I did this to create more depth and better give the feeling of the big snowflakes being closer, not just bigger.

Anonymous said...

Is the double page spread two papers put together or one large piece? Nice work!

gail said...

I did the sketches on two seperate pages and put them together. But since then I did get a medium format printer and could print out the entire underpainting in one piece.

Thanks for looking, sorry I missed your question earlier!