Monday, December 4, 2006

Studio Tour

I should start at the beginning, but the beginning happened a long time ago. So I'll start with today. I needed to create this blog as a way to share work-in-progress images of my illustrations with people who couldn't view them elsewhere. I decided as long as I was at it, I'd share my quest to become a published children's book author and illustrator. So I'm starting with where it all happens. In my studio.

My very short walk to work!

My backyard studio, designed and built by me and my husband.

Inside my studio.
The first shot was my opportunity to get the one and only photo of a clean workspace. I had just gotten my new printer and hooked it up to my new computer. Lots of rearranging and cleaning involved. I don't imagine it will look this way for long.

The second shot is what it normally looks like when I'm knee-deep in a project. I've got a stacking problem.

The last shot shows my drawing board the way it looks most of the time. I do start out with the pencils arranged by color, but they don't stay that way for long. I carefully planned where all the windows are in my studio, so I've got great lighting. I truly appreciate how lucky I am to have this place.


Ginger*:)* said...

Hey Gail! Thanks so much for starting a blog and showing off your studio. I think we all wish we had taken that first NEAT picture. I would have a few days of cleaning up to do before I could manage one of those. Your work as shown here and on your website is astoundingly beautiful. I am just another one of the FISHBOWL FANS!

gail maki wilson said...

Hi Ginger! Good to "see" a familiar face here. Thanks for taking a look. I'll be posting the new piece I'm working on now, very soon. So come on back and see. Glad you're a FISHBOWL FAN! Hey, that's kind of catchy.

If you noticed, I'm not showing a full veiw of my studio. That would require a major clean up! I have this great book case from Ikea, but it's still in the box. I'd need to clean up to make room for it. Maybe when I do I'll take a before and after picture. It would be pretty scary!


Ghost Girl said...

Gail, your studio looks a lot like my writing space! I'm getting a new desk around Christmas time--birthday present that had to be backordered. I can't wait. You have a great space! Behind my cluttered dusty desk lies a pile of toys, a hockey table, and a noisy guinea pig. Yes, my office is the play room. But the kids not that Mama's desk is strictly off limits. I am a complete amature, but I love to do watercolors, so I have lots of paper and art supplies around. Thank goodness my 5-year-old has figured out the difference between her finger paints and Mama's supplies.

Anyway, Love your fishbown and your studio!

gail maki wilson said...

A new desk! Isn't it fun getting new stuff? The best perk of having a separate studio/workspace is not having to share it with anyone! I can leave projects in the middle and come back to them whenever I want. Not long ago I was doing the kitchen table thing. It was always such a production to clear things at dinnertime.

Keep painting,


scott e said...

Hello Gail,

It is great to see your studio. Thank you for the comment on my blog. It is nice to know that someone is reading it.

Where are you at on the road to publication of a children's book? What are your plans? Any nibbles? Nibbles are always fun to hear about.

I wish you the best and will look forward to seeing your progress. On the day you sell your first book, I want to celebrate with you!


gail maki wilson said...

Hi Scott! I tend to do more reading than replying. I suppose it's that way with most people. I had been over to your blog a number of times before commenting. I guess now that I have one too, I understand it's the only way we know someone is reading!

The road to publication, where am I? It's been a pretty well traveled road for me, but lately I truly feel like the next road sign for me will say "you are here". Things have been falling into place lately. Plus, I've been working really hard! I've had a number of nibbles and one big bite. After Christmas I'll be posting about a workshop I was at recently and can get more into that then.

Oh, and I do like to celebrate! I'll be sure to let you know.


julie said...

Beautiful studio & beautiful work!

gail said...

Thanks Julie!

My goal for is to get things cleaned up and organized in this studio so I can take some more photos to share.