Monday, March 12, 2007

Arizona Illustrators Forum

Introducing the Arizona Illustrators Forum!

We are a group of children's book illustrators with a wide range of styles, at various levels in our careers, but with one common goal. To create fun and entertaining art, through picture books, for kids and parents! The AZIF was formed to promote the careers and education of its members and further the art of children's illustration.

The following members have work on display in the Art Stage Sound Gallery show. (The topic in the previous posting.) Just click on any name to see their work.

Tanja Bauerle
Julie Gissler
Debra Pehrson Haun 
Michael Hale 
Molly Idle 
Laura Jacobsen 
Megumi Lemons 
Devon Meyer 
Juana Martinez-Neal 
Kathy Parks 

Mikela Prevost

Gail Maki Wilson


Angela said...

Hey lady!
You're coming through loud and clear on my Live Journal friend's list.
I clicked on all your links and Debra's isn't working.

gail said...

I just found out that Debbi's site is still under construction. It should be up within a week, so I'll leave the link there. Check back later. I can't wait to see it! All the others look like they are working fine.

Thanks for the syndication on Live Journal! I'll need to spend some time over there too so I can figure out how things work.


Goomie said...

Gail, you are just becoming the blog queen! Thanks for the plug!

Don Tate II said...

Very talented group! We need a group like this in Austin. Hey, I'm gonna link you up!