Monday, April 23, 2007

Arizona Book Festival

A little late, but sure worth sharing! The Arizona Book Festival took place the weekend before last. It was a beautiful, sunny day filled with fun people, conversation, stories, kids, and books! Jane Yolen, the award-winning children’s author of more than 285 books, was there to present. Although I managed to arrive just as she was exiting the stage. (Thanks to our wonderful department of transportation closing down a freeway. I've got to remember to read those giant flashing signs!)

There was also lots of local talent: Conrad Storad, Sheri Sinykin, Angela Fox, Michelle Parker-Rock, Tamara Miller, Isabel Arraiza-Arana, and Kathy Bishop. Plus a great presentation "Five Minutes in the Life of a Children’s Book Author," where five award-winning Arizona children’s book authors, Terri Fields, Juanita Havill, B.G. Hennessy, Janni Simner, and Jennifer J. Stewart, gave a glimpse of what really goes on in the creative mind of a writer.

Carnegie Library

Jane Yolen

Sheri and Jennifer

Janni (standing) Juanita, B.G., Terri, and Jennifer (seated)


Angela said...

It was lovely seeing you there, sorry about the traffic...I'm always sorry about the traffic.
The day was very nice too. I spent too much money on books, what's new? Lot's of talented people there for sure, including you!

Sherry Rogers said...

Thanks for sharing this! The only thing that would have been better, would have been to be there too!

gail said...

Thanks for checking it out Sherry. If you ever do make it down here, just drop me a line and we could get together!

Always great to see you, and your family too, Angela. I took it easy on spending that day. I had already hit, I mean tripled, my quota for the week. Luckily some were from the Boy Scout garage sale. I think I got some real treasures there.

Janni said...

I enjoyed getting to chat at the festival, too--good seeing you there!