Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter

A day late.
And art
from the archives.
But this bunny
will always hold
a special place
in my heart.
Happy Easter!


John Nez said...

I just luv that Kitty 'Mischief' pitcher you did for the PictureBookies list!

Just like my cat... of course!


karen lee said...

Hi Gail,

This bunny has a very nice retro feel to the palette. Reminds me of those great old Little Golden Books. I love it.


gail said...

Thanks John! Yeah, that kitty is certainly thinking mischief. Glad it comes across. I'm more of a dog person, I don't even have a cat!

I have to laugh at the retro comment Karen. It is kind of old. It's one of the images on my son's birth announcement. Now that I think of it, I bordered the piece kind of like the back covers on the Little Gloden books. Interesting!