Friday, January 4, 2013

What are you reading winner.

We have a winner! Karin Marie's name was drawn for this contest. A signed copy of First Snow is on the way to her.

Karin Marie said...
I enjoy reading The Night Before Christmas, but I often find that I will pick up the newest Debbie Macomber Christmas book. It seems like she has a new Christmas themed one every year!

What a fitting choice. I recently had a neighbor send these amazing photos of our cabin with the first snow of the year. I thought I'd share this winter sight with you all. For a desert dweller it's such a treat. Enjoy!

Our cabin.

 Our dog's house.
(She really doesn't stay there. She's an indoor dog.)

 Our favorite place to sit. Usually!

Our View!


Mirka Breen said...

I Love your cabin and your art, Gail. Joined your blog.

gail said...

Thanks Mirka! For the longest time I thought you had that drawing aced. :) Then, I finally got a few more entries. Sorry your name wasn't drawn. Thanks for joining. It's a pretty cool little cabin.