Monday, June 4, 2007

Join the Tour!

Barbara Johansen over at Cats and Jammers Studio is doing great job with her sloppy studio and work space tour. It all started here. I hope I never get that bad, but they say there is a correlation between creativity and messiness.

If you're reading this you've probably already seen some of my sometimes messy and sometimes clean studio, but I am currently featured on Barbara's Studio tour so head over and see what's she's been up to. So far she also has featured, author Kim Norman, as well as illustrators, Elizabeth O. Dulemba , Don Tate II . Plus, there's more to come! So keep checking. I can't wait to see Barbara's studio. It better be messy!


"e" said...

Okay Gail - you win. I LOVE your studio!! What a great space!
And why am I catching so much heck on my space being so clean!? Doesn't seem that way to me - maybe the mess is in my head. Dunno.

Kim Bookwriter said...

Hi Gail! Your work is GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for the link to my site. It's a little out date -- needs to have my blog & a few other etceteras added.

Looks like you and Liz Dubois have the same kind of white shelving in your studios. I'm so jealous. GOT to get some of that. Soon, maybe. We're getting ready to do some remodeling.

Here's a high-five from one graphic artist to another. (Without your illustration skills, however. Too many years relying on lazy old clip art!)


gail said...

Thanks guys.

e, I dunno, I guess that flack is coming because your clean space is on a messy studio tour? It's all in jest, actually I'm quite jealous!

Hey, fellow Graphic Designer Kim. Thanks for visiting! I got that shelving at Ikea. I did a post about it called "Spring Cleaning". I knew your name was ringing a bell, didn't figure out who you were 'til I saw the name of your blog. I'll be sure to check it out.