Friday, June 29, 2007

What's your rating?

Online Dating

Here's mine. Makes sense to me.
Click here and find out what yours is!


Rilla said...

Did better than you, but not by much...PG...
I have the word crack x3 and bomb x1. With the stakes so low, I'm quite disappointed my score was too...of course, now I've probably helped you rank up there with me ;)

Ghost Girl said...

That's a hoot!
So far, I got a G rating. But who know how that will change. I had one word--"kill"--that came up. If I ever put the full synopsis of my latest WIP up, I'm sure I'll shoot at least to a PG or PG-13.

Don Tate II said...

I'm curious what mine would have been about two years ago, before I cleaned it up.

gail said...

I had the word "hurt". I don't why why they pointed that one out. I used it in : Luckily no got hurt...

But they didn't mind me using "freakin". Go figure?

I was thinking about doing a post this week if we hit 118 degrees. I know my rating will change then. There is only one word to accurately describe what that temperature feels like!


Elaine Magliaro said...


Wild Rose Reader is G-rated, too. That's fine by me. I'm a former elementary school teacher. I learned how to watch my language many years ago. Just because a blog is rated appropriate for all audiences doesn't necessarily mean
it's a boring blog. Does it?

gail said...

I sure hope not Elaine. I don't consider it a bad thing at all to have a G rating. I thought it made sense that mine did rank a G. I did find it interesting on the choice of words they considered when rating it. I never thought of hurt as a bad word.

And your G rated blog is no where near boring!