Sunday, June 17, 2007

They're in the Mail. Update!

I have to say sending art samples sure can get you answers quicker than sending manuscripts and dummy books. Yeah, I know it's a lot quicker process looking at art than reading over manuscripts. But still, it's nice to know where you stand so quickly! Four weeks after mailing samples to Art Directors, here's they tally.

Mailed 35 packages.

So far have received 15 response cards back.

5 checked: We like your work and will keep you on file for future projects. Or Please continue to send samples!

5 checked: Sorry, we are not interested at this time.

5 checked: Your work is not right for our house.

Pretty even split. I'm very pleased with getting almost half of the response cards back already. I'm also very pleased with the positive comments, even on rejections. And I'm thrilled with some AD's asking me to continue sending samples and considering my work for future projects. All in all, it's awfully fun getting these back in the mail!


Ghost Girl said...

That's awesome, Gail! And I just saw your work on SCBWI's site. Way to go!

gail said...

OMG! I didn't know!!! I thought they would contact me first of something. This is soooo cool! Enough exclamaiton points. Ok, I can't help it!! Thanks for letting me know.


LindaBudz said...

Love your artwork (especially the cat!). Sounds like I'm in good company. Congratulations!!

gail said...

Thanks Linda.

The webmaster did send me an email announcing the Featured Artist selection. It came shortly before ghost girl's post, and I hadn't checked my mail yet.

Gina said...

It's fun to see your tally, I think 15 responses out of 35 packets in a month's time is great! I've been sending my art samples out for months now and it's crazy when I get a postcard back like 4 months later. Congrats on the scbwi spotlight too, it's a great piece!

Chickengirl said...

Excellent..thanks for sharing. I think even getting any response back is positive..that way you can focus on who's interested.

gail said...

Thanks gina. Four months seems quick compared to responses on ms. It will be interesting to see how long the rest take to get back to me.

You're so right chickengirl, these will allow me to revise my list next time I do a mailing, and focus on those who are interested.

For those who have sent to AD's before, is there a percentage you never hear anything back from?