Thursday, September 13, 2007

Drawing Mary Part 2

A little more of the work-in-progress of Mary. I'm doing this in graphite. I plan on using this as an under painting to do the final in colored pencil. At this point I will leave some areas light in value so I can layer light colors on top.


Sheri said...

I so love your illustrations. They are so alluring. I love this one and can't wait to see what it is for. When I look at her I see a precious porcelain doll setting eagerly on the inside of a window looking into the eyes of a young girl on the other side of the glass.


Angela said...

Oooh, Ahhh!

Danette Haworth said...

I love seeing the progress of the work. As a mere stick-man drawer, I'm amazed by those who have the gift of art.

Seeing her hand has added a lot to feeling of the picture.

gail said...

Thanks for the comments!
I knew I wanted her hand pressing on the glass. Sometimes the idea is a lot easier than the execution of the idea. :)