Monday, September 10, 2007

Drawing Mary

A while ago I was having trouble deciding what to draw next. I had a lot of options, some I knew I should be working on now. Another one I didn't need to be working on, but the whole concept was so cool that I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had started gathering reference material and had decided that was what I'd draw next. Well, somehow things just change. Opportunities come up. So instead I'm working on a totally different piece. One I had no idea I'd even be doing.

It's funny how when you get to the stage where you're deciding just what the character will look like, you find yourself thinking a lot about this person. And the excitement builds. I'm so glad to be drawing again! I'll post this as a work-in-progress, at least the black and white stage. I'm open to any comments along the way.


Angela said...

Gail, I think she's gorgeous! She does look like she may be missing a little something, but I can't put my finger on it. I don't know...
I want to touch her hair. My eye fills in the rest of her clothes and where her body should be. Her dress moves for me.
Maybe it's that she looks like a doll? The highlights in her eyes?
Her collar, I love her collar too.
Sweetie, I love your art!
Does any of that help?

gail said...

Thanks Angela! Boy, I'm glad I didn't say too much about what this piece is for yet. Kind of nice to get a reaction first, so I know if I've got the expression working. "...missing something." That sounds just right and should be answered as I finish this piece.

I'm going to have fun with her clothes. I used to design little girls clothes.


Danette Haworth said...

Her hair looks so real. I can't believe you weren't looking at a real girl as you sketched this!

Karin said...

Hey Gail,

I really think that there is great depth to Mary. But I agree with Angela, something is missing. Maybe in her eyes or cheeck bones. It is hard to tell when you don't have the actually drawing in front of you.
I love that it is black/white, gives you more to imagine about the colors.
So nice to see a new drawing. I just love your work!!!

LindaBudz said...

She's gorgeous! and slightly haunting. Will be interested to find out who this character is!!