Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Studio Links- Inspiration

 Spring in the Desert

Spring, it's a busy time. Sorry for the laps in posts on studio tour links. It looks like April is just full of deadlines! Fun stuff like wedding planning. My middle child is getting married the end of April. It's a backyard wedding. Our backyard. The house she grew up in. So along with all the fun plans, we needed major re-landscaping in the yard. Fun things like plants and flowers. Not so fun things like trips to the dump and spreading granite...35 tons worth. Yikes!

Then there's that April 15th deadline, and like a true artist I'm pushing that deadline to the limit.

And lastly, I book deadline. The dummy book for a very exciting project will be mailed next week, labeled requested, written and illustrated by yours truly!

Enjoy your spring. Stop and smell the flowers. If your in part of the country that is still waiting for spring, then check out these links with photos here, and here, and here, and here of what the desert can look like in spring. And watch for the tours to resume in May.