Friday, May 2, 2014

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The Studio of Molly Idle

It's a privilege for me to take you on a tour today of the studio of Caldecott Honor winning author/illustrator Molly Idle. (Yes! I said Caldecott Honor!) Molly has illustrated over 16 picture books, and has created (written and illustrated) two characters destined to become classics - Rex (from Tea Rex and Camp Rex) and Flora (from Flora and the Flamingo and the soon to be released Flora and the Penguin.) Click on the book covers below to see more about each book.

Hot Off the Press

 2014 Caldecott Honor Book

I've had the pleasure of knowing Molly for more than eight years. We have a bit in common. We both live in Arizona. We both work in Color Pencil. And her backyard is home to her very own studio too!

Molly is just as fun and down to earth as her books are. Plus, she likes to share! Back in 2007 she offered her studio up for a workshop with art director Tim Gillner and more than a dozen other illustrators. Yes, her studio is big enough to host workshops!


Before heading over to her studio for a close-up tour, how about a few questions for Molly?

Whats your favorite color? (It’s okay, if you don't say pink!)
My favorite color changes all the time, depending on what I’m working on. Right now I’m deeply enamored of a lovely retro shade of sea-foam green. 

How many pencils did it take to complete Camp Rex? (It’s okay if you guess!) 
No comment. (I’ll be hosting a book giveaway soon that will address this very question…)

More numbers. 
I notice you have quite a collection of picture books! 
How many do you own? 
(You don't really have to count. An estimate will do.)
Judging by shelf space: Far too many.
Judging by how many wonderful books there are out in the world: Not nearly enough! 

If you had to use something other than color pencil, what medium would you choose?

What’s the favorite thing about your studio?
The people I share it with.

My whole family utilizes the workshop: My Dad, an inventor, can be found building prototypes here. My Mom, an actress,  holds improv workshops here. My husband, Steve, builds ship models here. And our boys come here to do their homework and help me make messes. It’s very much a family affair in the Idle workshop! But for now, I’ll just show you my part…
My prized rubber chicken.

A few books, books, books…

 You can see, I like to keep up to date- 
using the very latest in technology…

 A few things you can never have enough of: 
celebratory drinks, printer ink, and storage space.

Can you ever have too many pencils? I submit that you cannot.


  My desk...

Thank you Molly for being so good at sharing!

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