Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Studio Links!

The Studios of


Last weekend I got to spend time with all of the artists you see below. Not quite in their studio, but at the 2013 Tuscon Festival of Books! It is the fourth largest book event in the country. And it happens right here in Arizona. It's a two hour drive south for me, but gives you two full days worth of book fun! I went to the presentations of the following picture book illustrators. (Plus, many excellent authors, but since Fridays are all about studios I'm going to focus mainly on the illustrators. Although I did find a couple of cool writing spaces I had to include.)

To see a link to each studio, some with interviews, click on the photo. To go to the website of each artist click on their name. So be sure to click both places!

Peter Brown

Molly Idle


Chris Gall

You can also see an interview I did with Chris in 2007 here.


Jerry Pinkney


Jacqueline Woodson


Lester Laminack


Adam Rex

You can see even more of Adam's studio here.


Floyd Cooper

 Mr. Cooper is currently updating his website. 
Check back later at


Matt Phelan


Stephan Pastis


Guy Poririo


R.L. Stine

Remember, this is just a handful of the talent the Tuscon Festival of Books had to offer. There were many, many sessions I had to pick from, so some I had to miss. If you haven't gone before, mark your calendar for next year!

Be sure to check out the post at Gommies World. She has some great information, and a video, of the workshop Floyd Cooper presented. I was right there in the front row for this one too. It was a very special day!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Studio Links!

The Studio of Gail Maki Wilson


Since I've been spending so much time in my studio and it's been so long since I did a post just about me, I thought today I'd link you up with some previous posts all about my studio! I hope to someday get all the photographs from when we built the studio organized and show the construction, as well as the construction drawings I drew, to build this little piece of paradise.

My very first post - Studio Tour 
An Adventure in Spring Cleaning - Really? Hmm, looks like I'm need of another one of those!
The Heat is On - At least I can keep those studio doors open for a couple more months.
Spring!- Just because they are about to blossom now.
Clearing Things up- OK. Just because it's something I have to admit to.