Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Look!

Now that I've learned my way around blogger I decided it was time to get a custom look. As a designer I was really having a problem with my masthead not being totally unique. Problem solved! To go along with the new look here, I put together a "sister" blog, studio gmw. It will highlight one style from my portfolio. (Stylized realism.) I'll keep the link to this online portfolio, in my sidebar. Take a look!


List of Things Lost said...

Your blog looks GREAT!

JenFW said...

Gorgeous, Gail! Will you be updating the portfolio blog the way you do this blog?

gail said...

Thanks! I will be updating with new images as I go. But honestly not too often. I'm not putting new posts and not taking comments there, just using it as an online portfolio. Oh, and any work-in-progress will still happen here.