Monday, June 23, 2008

The Prize Winner is...

or should I say are!

Kate and
Angela Fox (azang)

Why two winners you may ask? As it turns out when I set the rules for this contest, I was celebrating the 10,000th visitor to this blog and I figured the chances were slim, even with Statcounter, that I'd be able to discover the true identity of the 10,000th visitor. Well I was wrong! I hit 10,000 right on schedule on Wednesday and guess what? I was able to track it right to Angela Fox.

Kate your name was drawn out of a hat! OK, I didn't think of actually using a hat, it was more like a Tupperware container. Among everyone who left a comment last week your name was chosen!

Thanks to all who entered!

If the winners could please drop me an email with your mailing address I will send the prints off to you. You can reach me at gail (at) gailmakiwilson (dot) com. Kate, if you have a blog or website let me know and I'll add the link!


azang said...

I'm so happy I was the 10 million-trillion-billion-bazillion visitor to your site! (All of you number people, I don't even want to hear that I have all of those in the wrong order and I forgot a few...I don't care.;)
Yippee! Yippee! Yippee!

gail said...

Your welcome!! Glad you're excited about it.

azang said...

I certainly am! WhaHoo!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Congratulations to the winners! :) but I can't hide my disappointment that I didn't win (Rats!) you'll have to give us another chance later Gail :)

gail said...

Yeah Anthony, I'll have to do this again sometime. Contests are fun aren't they! Sorry you didn't win.:(

I think I need to start entering some too. I haven't won anything myself in a long time.

c.g.young said...

Love the expression...the dreaminess of it all...fantastic colors and great composition!



gail said...

Thanks c.g. That means a lot to me!

Sherry Rogers said...

Gail you seem to take on the hardest things. . .reflections! Man most illustrators avoid that stuff. This is wonderful.

Now that I've said that I am thinking of using a reflection in the book I am doing. . .but may not depending.

You always make illustration appear so easy. . .