Monday, June 16, 2008

Work-In-Progress and a Prize!

Each day this week I'll be posting a different stage of this illustration. In celebration of hitting my 10,000th visitor to this blog, I will be giving away a signed print of the finished piece. Since it will be difficult to know exactly who the 10,000th person is, I'm going to open this up as a contest. Just stop by any day this week, check out the W-I-P, and leave a comment. Each comment will count as an entry in the drawing. (There will be no limit to the numbers of times you may enter.) On Monday June 23th I will post the name of the winner. So stop by and have a look. Good luck!

Work-In-Progress Part One
At this point I am using Graphite pencils on Duralar Matte. The overall size is 9x18. I know this piece will be mixed media, I know I will be combing B&W with color to push the "concept" of the piece. I'm undecided on where the two will meet. I'm approaching the girl as a complete B&W drawing that can stand on it's own, but keeping the option of it becoming an underpainting, with some color being added, in the back of my mind.

To see all the steps in this work-in-progress click here.


Jen said...

I love these WIP posts. The transformation is like magic to a non-artist.

Go, Gail!

azang said...

You know I love your work, and this one already has so much movement and life I can't wait to see it done...and I want in on the drawing too!!!
Thanks for doing this.

Charline said...

Gail, Aren't I your biggest fan?
I NEED to win a print of this WIP because blowing bubbles is one of my favorite just for fun activities.

gail said...

Yeah, Charline I think you are one of my biggest fans. Just keep coming back and leaving a comment each day so you can keep up with Angela for the number of drawing entries. Did I mention this will be a full size print? ;)

Thanks for taking a look,