Thursday, June 19, 2008

Work-In-Progress Part 4

Finally the bubbles! They are done with Prismacolor colored pencils on DuraLar Matte . I've never used Prismacolor on Duralar before and thought this piece would be perfect for it. I've seen others use it, and I've played with it some, but wasn't sure how it would work with my "many layers" technique. (Which can easily be 10-20 layers. For the bubbles I probably have 4 or 5.) It was very different for me. There is less detail than I normally do. Which is fine. I was going for a softer focus, blurred motion thing. It sure went a lot quicker! And it gave me the shiny quality of a bubble that I don't think I would have gotten as quickly on paper.

Here's detail of one of the bubbles. I'm doing them on a separate sheet of Duralar, scanning, and adding them to the composition in Photoshop. This way I can play with the exact placement and add a transparent quality. Even though I'm drawing each element in this piece by hand my final "original" will be a digital file.

To see all the steps of this work-in-progress click here.
To find out how you can win a signed print of the finished illustration click here.


azang said...

It's shaping up nicely!
I keep thinking about what you said in a prior comment about studying the blowing hair of Victoria's Secret models. I'll never look at them the same again...heehee. I may just have to give blowing hair a try! Now I know who to study. Who knew?

Susan Sandmore said...

Wow, that's amazing! I want it, I want it.

Kate said...

It's fascinating to see how you work, Gail. If it were me, I'd be afraid that I'd 'muck it up' somewhere along the way and never be able to show the finished piece. But I suspect you don't have that problem!

gail said...

Thanks Angela and Susan.

Kate, I have treaded through "muck" before. One nice thing about putting the pieces together in Photoshop is you have the option of trying different things without mucking up the original.

Angela said...

Great interview at SS's, and beautiful artwork. It's fascinating to see all the layers of work that go into a final product--thank you for sharing your art!

gail said...

Hi Angela! Thanks for reading the interview and checking out my w-i-p!