Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Work-In-Progress Part 2

Here I have finished up her hair and face. As I work down her neck, I will decide just how "finished" to go with her shirt. I'm picturing having it vignette. I like the whiteness of the shirt. I'm noticing a dark, hard edge under her neck where I left off. I'll be softening that as I go. I'm considering doing a vignette with her hand too, but will have to see how it looks. Even though I'm working in values of gray here, I know as I work that she has blue eyes and sandy blonde hair.

To see all the steps of this work-in-progress click here.
To find out how you can win a signed print of the finished illustration click here.


azang said...

I am fascinated by the movement of her hair. She looks wonderful. I remember seeing this piece at the conference. I will be interested to see her hand on the finished piece, at this stage it looks too big but I know that is only an allusion. It's just beautiful Gail. Thank you for sharing your process.

Jen said...

Did you use a model or photo to start? How will the final art be used?

gail said...

Angela, now that you mention it it does look big here, but since I know how it turns out, it'll look fine later. When I get to the color it will show a lot better than it did at the conference. All the illo samples at the conference showed up very weak in color.

Jen, I do work from photos. I didn't have one model for this piece. I had taken photos of different kids, but nothing was perfect, so I looked at them all. I even took some of myself holding a wand to get the angle right. And the Victoria's Secret catalog has great shots of hair in motion!

I'll be using this as a promo piece. But you never know, it could lead to a story some day.

Jennifer said...

These are great, Gail. I love seeing WIPs.